Tuesday, March 18, 2008

one less

Friday is World Down Syndrome Day. All women (not just those over the age of 35) are now offered and encouraged to have prenatal testing done in an effort to expand the opportunity to terminate a potential "problem" pregnancy; DS being the most common of these problems.

Choice is a good thing. Let it be a fully informed one.

What a sad day when diversity is thwarted by our relentless pursuit of "perfection." How lucky we are to have received such a beautiful reminder of the incredible joy in a life less ordinary. We truly have one less life lost to uncertainty and one more miracle on this earth.

I made a little montage of our sweet Dawson; my little contribution in raising awareness. ^_^

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

these little hands

My little guy seems to know exactly when his mommy needs him to show off ^_^

We got Dawson's official typewritten EI evaluation in the mail today and I was very surprised and a little sad to see that the physical therapist's conclusion was that he was at an age equivalent of newborn. She sounded so much more pleased with where he was at during our conversation than how "age equivalent: newborn" looks on paper (I don't know what super-newborn she's talking about anyways - what newborn can track objects 180 degrees, lift his head while on his tummy, roll from side to back and tummy to back, etc? I know none of the other kiddos fit that bill - guess they were all developmentally delayed :P)

Not an hour later while we were all sitting around him shaking various toys in his face (Parker's quite the little therapist heh!) he was suddenly holding his arms straight up in the air and purposely reaching and grasping the toys and even popping them in his mouth!! He was concentrating so intently on getting those stubby little fingers around the parts of the toys and obviously getting frustrated with how hard it was, but he kept doing it for a good 15 minutes until he was clearly exhausted and melted down. He had another session of reaching, grasping and mouthing a few of his fave toys tonight. His efforts were much more careful and persistent and he was delighted with himself until he tired out.

The average age for reaching and grasping at toys is 3 1/2 months old.

Phooey on the therapist! And phooey on these little labels we give our kids and the glass ceilings we place above them. Glass is so easily broken.

What a sweetie he is, cheering his mommy up so wonderfully! :)