Saturday, June 06, 2009

chaos, joy

Dawson and Emerson are down for a nap and Matt has the older three outside playing and I am stealing a few minutes to upload some pictures and maybe even post a few LOL! ^_^

Matt went right back to work Wednesday and Grandma and Grandpa went home and we've spent the last few days in survival mode as we try to adjust to having another baby to take care of!

Em is doing great - she is so happy, it almost feels like she is a different child than the one we met in Belgrade! We were worried she might be overwhelmed by all the kids hovering, hugging, kissing, playing - but she seems to love having them around. She is babbling a ton now, so much so that I have to rock Dawson to sleep in the other room or she'll keep him awake while she is lying in the crib LOL. She makes happy noises when she sees us in the morning, lets us hug and kiss her and has started snuggling into our chest when we pick her up, and smiles and giggles so freely now. Macy adores her and will sit for ages tickling her while Em laughs deep belly laughs we've never heard before. Her appetite is huge, she's taking over 30 oz a day of formula/pediasure and we're hoping to start introducing some baby food consistently now that she's adjusted to her bottles. She doesn't scratch her face anymore, she doesn't bang her head into the floor/crib/any solid surface she can reach anymore LOL. She just seems...happy. :)

The last few days have been stressful and overwhelming at times, but seeing the changes in her makes it all feel so worthwhile.

She was 15 lbs, 15 oz at the pedi visit on Wednesday (Dawson was about 24 lbs! - he is a monster next to her!) and her cardiology appointment is on Friday. We also managed to squeeze in a prenatal visit for me and our big ultrasound. And we are very happy to announce we are having a healthy baby....
BOY! :)
The kids are all excited to be having one more baby brother, Matt is thrilled he gets to use his long-awaited boy name, Holden, and I am thinking I probably should have been a queen born a few centuries ago LOL!

I am hoping to create a montage of our adoption journey this weekend including many more photos of the kiddos together, but for now here are a few. :)