Monday, December 21, 2009

notes from the infirmary

Sick kids. Again.

Matt and I started to forego presents for one another years ago, but this year I really, really want just one thing - healthy kids!

It started with Parker last Tuesday, a pretty bad cough and runny nose. We kept him home from preK on Thursday and Friday. By Wednesday night Macy had it, by Thursday Holden had it and by Friday Dawson and Emerson were right there too. Holden fared the worst and for a while we thought about taking him to the ER and facing the possibility of spending another holiday with a child in the hospital.

He slept all day Friday and Saturday - literally, we had not seen his eyes in that long - but finally Sunday morning he opened them and was looking around, very miserable and unsmiling but still alert for once. His congestion is nearly gone now and he took his first full 5 oz bottle of breastmilk just a few hours ago. Emerson is sounding better and Dawson is still battling an awful dry cough but it seems to be running its course.

We're thinking it was most likely RSV since neither Matt, I nor Cade got it and it got progressively worse with younger age.

I am so tired of sickness, especially around holidays. Last Christmas was spent cleaning throw-up off new toys LOL, so hopefully this will clear soon and it will be out of the way by Friday.

It's after midnight, the kids are all asleep (for now) and the house is a complete disaster. Ah, motherhood. ^_^