Monday, December 14, 2009


Just a bit late in posting, but Happy 2nd Birthday to our beautiful Dawson!

It seems forever ago that he was being born in our bedroom, tumbling into my hands and bringing a whole new world with him. I can hardly remember the feelings that overtook me when I first felt certain he had Down syndrome... though I admit as he gets older there are times I feel that again; times when he is frustrated pushing his little walking toys around because he can't get his feet to obey him, times when he is so congested we can only wonder how he can still be so cheerful - in those times I have to fight back tears pouring out from the mommy bear inside me that wants to drag that chromosome out of his body, kick it around a bit and put it out with the garbage. I always felt he had such a reason to be here, great lessons to teach, but more frequently these days I feel selfish for him and wonder why he should have to work so hard to give such a great gift to others.

But in the end he is much more than a living map for finding the meaning of life - he is Dawson, just my Dawson, and he is perfect.

It seems right to close this post with some words written in his baby journal when he was 3 months old. They are still so true! ^_^

I am so grateful that we found one another. You have made me realize what true, unconditional love is and have made everything in my life so much richer.

I envy you, Dawson. You change the world and bring happiness to people just by being you. What an incredible power you have. Use it wisely my sweet boy. You are going to have such a beautiful life!