Thursday, February 04, 2010

an open letter to Beech-Nut

Dear Sir or Madam:

It has recently come to my attention that you have made the decision to discontinue your "Good Evening" line of baby foods, reverting back to your usual "2nd Stage" labels. Although this in and of itself is not a huge issue - after all, as long as you don't create a "Toxic Treats" line or something similar, we parents really couldn't care less what little phrase you choose to put on the jar.

But it seems that while you were changing the label, someone also decided to tinker with the contents of some of the foods, specifically, Turkey Tetrazzini.

I have had a long and troubled relationship with Turkey Tetrazzini, so it is with great inner conflict that I am writing today to mourn it's recent makeover. Previously every single shirt I own has been the recipient of Turkey Tetrazzini's "Water, White Carrots, Turkey, Medium Grain Rice Flour, Enriched Rice Mac Rings, Heavy Cream, Sweet Whey, Fos, Unsalted Butter" and though the tiny golden-orange splatters are annoying, they represent what was for the longest time the only baby food our little Emerson would eat.

However, she is not so fond of the new "Carrots, water, turkey, peas, rice flour, heavy cream, enriched rice macaroni rings, unsalted butter" that you are trying to pass of as Turkey Tetrazzini. In fact, she hates it so much that if she even catches sight of the new white and green label she falls into hysteria.

I do not understand why you felt it necessary to change the ingredients of this slightly-less-foul-smelling foul-smelling baby "food," especially without notifying the parents of Emersons around the country beforehand. But I am writing to ask you - no, beg you - to find it in your hearts to bring back the old Turkey Tetrazzini.

The only other meat/veggie baby food that Emerson will tolerate is Sweet Potatoes & Turkey (not Turkey & Sweet Potatoes - she is very particular) and unfortunately there is only one store in all of Binghamton that carries it and when they're out, well, they're out. And until I can see myself staking out the store to figure out what day and time Beech-Nut is stocked and standing with cash in hand at the delivery area, you are severely impacting our little Emerson's eating capabilities.

Although in some ways it is endearing when Emerson turns her head and cries angrily at all but two types of baby food - really, it's one of the few things that is 2-year-old about her - ultimately I just want her to eat.

And because of your little marketing decision, she won't be doing that quite as enthusiastically anymore.

Really, who likes PEAS anyways?

Truly yours (at least for another year or so),
A Reluctant Old Turkey Tetrazzini Advocate