Thursday, February 18, 2010

sick days

My not-so-little-anymore Valentine spent his 6th birthday as the first in line for an awful stomach flu that spent the past week making its way through our household. Luckily the Thursday before I'd brought worm cupcakes and bug-themed treat bags to his class - he spent the first five minutes ignoring me, of course! - and his *real* party isn't until the 28th at a local indoor inflatables place. Still, it always spoils things to be sick on your birthday.

The next victims were Parker and Dawson, quickly followed by yours truly (who had it the worst, in my humble opinion) and then rounded out by Macy and Emerson. Thankfully the magical properties of breastmilk seem to have shielded Holden from the bug, but Matt woke up this morning feeling pretty rotten.

It has been such a foggy, exhausting week of constant sheet-changing, baths, carpet-scrubbing and general misery. The kids went about 2 days without eating anything and even today only accepted a little. It's most frustrating for Emerson, who had a fabulous week last week with food - she was eating Graduate level meals and even taking small pieces of grilled cheese and cheesy puffs on a spoon - and now any texture at all sends her into screams and we're lucky if we can get her to take watered down baby fruits.

Dawson and Em are truly the biggest sick babies ever LOL - many long minutes of lying on the floor moaning or crying. :( I just can't wait for the spring; I hate to see these two feeling so yucky and it has been a VERY LONG WINTER!

Still, I managed to find some sweet spots amidst the ickies - getting a little bit of manual focus out of my nearly-dead Rebel XTi with the help of a bright day to catch Holden's wonderful smiles and delicious 17-lb-baby legs and a few more cute faces breaking through. Our tax return is in the bank in 3 hours and I am trying to decide between a Canon 50D and the new Rebel T2i coming out in a couple weeks (it takes video!!) and we are seriously contemplating a Disney World trip next year; it's hard not to chin up. ^_^