Monday, February 01, 2010

out of sight

We are very blessed to live just a short drive down the highway from the Outman family for many, many reasons. This weekend Emerson was lucky to spend some time with them! I have had so many offers for a little respite over the past few months, and I have always been reluctant to say okay, partly because I am a mom who never goes away from her kids for more than a few hours - unless it's to have a baby or adopt a baby LOL! - and partly because I have been afraid it might be traumatic for Emerson. Last week was a rough one for all of us, especially it seemed for Emerson, who was seeming to regress with sleep and eating and the self-injurous behavior, and with the kids asking to go to the ScienceCenter in Ithaca, I figured it might be good for us to have some separate time.

So Em got to play and cuddle with Julie and her little guys (and Julie's sister, Lisa and her Eastern European princess, Katie!) and we got to make the hour drive to the museum and out to dinner afterwards, something we haven't done since Emerson started eating baby food. It was strange not having her with us and I admit I kept trying to take the time to figure out how I felt about her being gone.

Cade's behavior has taken a turn for the worse over the last couple weeks and after some stressful moments at the museum and restaurant I was reminded that Em really isn't the most challenging child we have LOL. Matt and I both felt like something was off the whole weekend, and when I picked her up I was so happy to see her, I don't think I realized I was really missing her until she was back. :)

She did very well during her sleepover with this awesome family and she seemed excited when we picked her up and though she acted a bit angry with me yesterday evening and wouldn't even really make eye contact, this morning she woke up in a fantastic mood and has spent the day happier than I've ever seen her. Even our PT commented that she was just so darn happy. Maybe she loved having a little break from our chaotic household, or maybe she liked waking up in her familiar surroundings, or perhaps we both just needed to be out of sight for a bit to realize how much we really do like each other's company. ^_^

It has been refreshing to have her home and smiling again. ^_^

I finally caught her silly "pirate eye" look on camera LOL!

I'm gonna getcha!

Too sweet. :)