Thursday, February 21, 2008

messes: take three

Why is it that some days go so smoothly, butter across the French toast, while others are a quick succession of messes-mommy-is-too-tired-to-clean-up? My kids are masters at coordinated efforts, and Monday was no exception. One roll of toilet paper, one box of Kashi cereal (at least it was the yuck-o kind with the twigs) and a half-bag of frozen tortellini later and PRESTO! I had newly cleaned floors and these three pictures. Isn't everything much cuter in hindsight? :)

We carted the kids off to the pediatrician that night for 3/4 well visits. Cade was 35 lbs, 40 1/2" and grumpy as ever. Macy was 23 lbs 8 oz and 31 3/4". And stealing the title of Biggest Superchunk Yet was little Dawson at 13 lbs 12 oz and 21 1/2" long! All are healthy, Macy had one shot (we decided to delay the MMR until 2) and Dawson, the lucky little dog, came away with no pricks at all and a raincheck for next December. It's amazing what one extra chromosome can buy you these days - even a year's reprieve from vaccinations due to mom's unwillingness to Mess With Things that Need Not be Messed With while that little brain and little body work hard to do their best.

So glad for healthy little ones - onward to the next mess!