Sunday, February 10, 2008

rewind: macy

(Prior updates)


Macy is mobile! She just started crawling 2 weeks ago and is now an old pro - turning up all over the house faster than we can keep our eyes on her! :) She's doing great; only babbling "dada" (where's "Mama"??? waaah!), adorable as ever, healthy and chunky and in love with her big brothers. I feel like I'm watching a horse race and she's just waiting for that gate to open - all bets are off for our boys once she starts walking! ^_^ Her 9 month check-up is next week. I have to get some pictures uploaded - unfortunately Matt's laptop bit the dust and I lost over 200 pictures from the last couple months, so hopefully I still have some others on the PC :( I'll just have to make up for it with more pics :) I just ordered the kids' Halloween costumes - Cade will be Captain Hook (of course!), Parker will be Peter Pan (though we seriously considered Mr. Smee hehehe) and Macy will be giving Tink a run for her money :)


FINALLY - new 3 and 4 month pics of our princess are up in the Portal!!!! (And lots of her big brothers going up tomorrow hopefully!!) Macy is doing great, she was 14 lbs 6 oz and 24" long at her 4 month check-up - just perfect! She isn't rolling over yet, but then again she HATES being on her tummy, just like Cade did. She's quite content lying on her back, kicking and giggling at the antics of her brothers. She's just started sleeping through the night in the past week; next goal: get her sleeping in her crib instead of in the swing haha! She gets more and more beautiful everyday, and I can't stop taking pictures of that beautiful little face ^_^ I just got a new, wonderful camera so I can do justice to these gorgeous kiddos of ours - I'm having way too much fun!


Macy is doing great! ^_^ She was 12 lbs even at her 2 month check-up and really starting to smile, coo and giggle. The boys are in love (especially Parker now - he can't walk by her without giving her at least two full-lips kisses!) She gets prettier everyday ... we can't believe how lucky we are to have 3 such gorgeous kiddos! I finally got some new pics up, and if you click on the video link at the top of this page I even have a little video of her from a few weeks ago kicking her legs and making noises. Too cute!! ^_^


Our princess is here!! Macy arrived on Sunday, November 12, 2006 at 11:30am after a 12 hour labor but only 13 minutes of pushing. She was a whopping 8 lbs 15 oz and 21 inches long, and is doing great! She has a ton of dark hair (finally!! a dark-haired child haha!) and is such a cutie! The boys are doing great with her - Cade especially is in love ^_^ Life is very busy so will be updating more about her story soon!


39 weeks today and thinking our sweetie will be joining us sometime this weekend!! ^_^ Great appointment this morning - BP was perfect at 120/68 and saw my favorite midwife, Suzanne, who wasn't at all concerned about the ultrasound results. She felt around and said she doesn't feel that big but she does feel long, so that would throw off the estimate they gave me. Didn't mention induction at all, and probably no need to heh! I was 2 cm dilated but she easily stretched me to 3!!! Wow, 1/3 of the way there!! She stripped my membranes (had that done with Parker and went into labor 4 days later) and said it's very soft and stretchy in there and a couple hours of good contractions should be just enough to push things into action. Been having awful cramping and intense contractions on and off all day since, so definitely feeling like this is our weekend! Best part is that Suzanne is the midwife on call until Monday, so that would just be the icing on the cake! ^_~ Can't believe we're going to be holding our little girl so very soon - we're so excited to see her!


Our ultrasound this morning went well, Macy's head down and low, fluid level perfect at 14 and practice breathing the whole time ... but they estimated her weight at 8 lbs 13 oz - YIKES!!! Her head circumference was the smallest of the big 3 measurements, coming in at nearly 1 week ahead. Followed by belly circumference at 1 1/2 weeks ahead and lastly by femur length - at a whopping 2 1/2 weeks ahead, measuring at 41+ weeks!!! Hoping the weight estimate was skewed because of her apparent long legs (just like Mom thought! ^_~) but her cheeks sure did look chunky! She was very shy, turning her head away from the "camera." She looked very grumpy but adorable - and we even saw little hairs on her head! Not looking forward to my appointment on Friday - I expect once the midwife recovers from passing out at the ultrasound report she'll mention the "i" word in no uncertain terms. And although I don't want to be induced if it can be avoided, I also don't want to end up with horrible tearing/episiotomy or a c-section. Hoping to have my membranes stripped just as we did with Parker at his last appointment and have her by next Tuesday at the latest! Now if we can just get little Macy to agree ... ^_^


Had our 38 week appointment this morning, not much going on! Only 1 cm dilated and "just starting to efface" and cervix is still high and posterior with Macy's head still floating slightly. Oy!!! I've had several episodes of prelabor, one that had me thinking maybe it was the real deal, so I was pretty surprised at the lack of progress. Oh well, guess baby girl is nice and cozy in there. The midwife did have my fundal height measuring 5 weeks ahead at 43 cm - yikes!! - so we're having an ultrasound on 11/7 just to be on the safe side. She said Macy doesn't feel like a big baby, so could just be from fluid and/or baby's position - personally I think we've got one long-legged little girl in there! ^_^ It will be fun to see her again, but sure wish it was in real life and not just on a screen! Guess she's just insisting on being a typical girl - late as usual! ^_~


We're now 37 weeks - Macy is full term today!!! ^_^ The little one is free to come anytime heh! Everything is still going great. BP was up a bit at our 36 week appt (138/80) but it had been a pretty stressful morning (we decided to take the boys into the waiting room - oops! Boy was that a noisy mistake! haha!) so I wasn't too worried about it. At our appointment yesterday it was back down to a good number, 130/68. Gained 2 lbs (although can barely fit on the scale anymore because my belly hits against the height-measuring thing-a-mabob heh - next week I may have to stand on it backwards), Macy's heartrate was in the 150s, GBS test was negative and she's still head down. Did have some white blood cells in my urine sample but the midwife said that was probably due to the spotting I'd had the night before (and contractions too - but alas, it was just a tease! ^_~) So we're just not-so-patiently waiting for our little girl to choose her birthdate! Cade has thrown in his guess. I told him to tell Macy to come out now. His response: "Not yet, Momma!!!!" hahaha! I asked him when she would come out then and he responded, "Halloweeeeeeeeeeen!!" Hope not, we still have some things on our to-do list! ^_^ My latest guess is 11/7 or so. But knowing what stinkers little girls can be, who knows, she might just go overdue!!


Here we are, 34 weeks today! Only 3 weeks til full-term and hopefully no more than 5 weeks until Macy is here!! It sure went by fast - except now these last few weeks are dragging ever so slowly! November cannot come soon enough for this tired mommy! ^_^ We're doing great, BP doing beautifully all on its own, 120/75 at our visit 2 weeks ago and 120/70 at our appointment this past Tuesday. Weight gain has come to a stop finally, so should mean we're getting close! Our little stinker was frank breech for about a month but she's now head down and dropping lower into the pelvis. Next appointment is on 10/20, we get to have the Group B Strep test and meet with an OB to "sign off" on our VBAC. After that we'll be seen weekly and we'll be getting oh-so-close to meeting our little Macy! We're so excited!


We now have some nursery pictures up - click here! (The "here" link isn't showing up for some reason, just click right in between "click" and "!" heh!) We're nearly finished with the room and have to say we love how it turned out! =) Had our check-up a few days ago and blood pressure was great again (126/68), gained 3 lbs and everything else measuring right along. I had finally taken the 3 hour glucose test a week ago and although I don't officially have gestational diabetes (you have to fail two or more of the four blood draws in order to officially have GD) I did fail one of the draws (by a mere 8 points at that) so to be on the safe side I met with a nutritionist and am following the GD diet and testing my sugars 4 times a day. Although I don't agree with the treatment plan, I know how controversial the diagnosing and treatment of GD is so I'll play the game for now and err on the side of caution ^_~ Should've known if it wasn't going to be blood pressure it would be something else, right? Heheh. Ah well, only 46 days until this little chick is full term! Amazing to think we'll be holding her in only 8 or 9 short weeks! 0_o We can't wait!


Had our last check-up on the 22nd, everything nice and boring - only gained 1 lb, blood pressure was only 122/78 (yay!!) and Macy is now head-down and uterus measuring right on target! We're now being seen every 2 weeks - getting close to the end! Only cavet was that we found out on Thursday that I failed the 1 hour glucose test. Hoping I pass the 3 hour, as I failed the 1 hour with Cade as well but passed the 3 hour with him without a problem. Of course I failed the 1 hour with him with a 147, and this time a 175 - eek! This time wasn't fasting though so that probably made a difference (gotta love how this supposedly standardized test isn't exactly standardized huh?) I was supposed to take the 3 hour yesterday but the nurse failed to give the lab the proper paperwork, so now we're in limbo until we get the lab rescheduled. We also had a 3D ultrasound this morning - Macy is still a girl and looking unbelievably cute! Pics are up here!


Finally, little Macy has her very own area for updates! =) This morning we had our first appointment with our new midwife practice in Sayre, PA - and I loved them! The midwife was so easy-going, relaxed, and actually treated me like I really did have a brain despite the lack of medical degree ^_~ My blood pressure is holding steady on its own for now; at last appointment 4 weeks ago it had reached 140/90, but this morning it was only 138/72 (gotta love that bottom number! Maybe it was the nice relaxing environment heh!) The midwife wrote down a few herbal teas I can try to naturally control and possibly lower it, so I'll be giving those a try in what will probably be the World's Most Disgusting Iced Tea Ever Made. But it will be worth it to avoid the meds and all the extra baggage that comes with them. I'm up 13 lbs total so far (which is good - but we're now entering the month of the biggest gains *shiver*), Macy's heartrate was in the 150s, and the midwife was surprised to feel a little butt up near my ribs. Even though my uterus should NOT be up that high right now, Macy has been kicking me right in my ribs lately, at first I thought maybe she was just bumping my uterus up but I put my hand there the other day and pushed down and was shocked when what was definitely a little foot kicked back! So she's either going to be one long or giant sized baby, or somehow 3 ultrasounds missed double trouble (haha just kidding!) Our next appointment is in 5 weeks (had to push it back because of Bethany Beach) and we get to do the wonderful glucose test then. Can't wait! (Heh)


We had our Level II ultrasound yesterday morning, and we're happy to announce it is indeed a little girl in there! ^_^ She looked perfectly healthy, measuring right on target for a due date of 11/17. Her heartrate was 148 bpm and she weighed in at 8 ounces! We couldn't get many good pictures because she refused to stop looking straight at us heh, so no profile shots. But she did wave her hand at us a few times (aww!) She gave us a peek right away to let us know she was still a girl, but after that her legs were firmly crossed and there was no budging her. I did put up the two cute pics that we got here. We are so excited and now we can really start shopping for pink and purple! =)


Wow what a weekend! It was very hot, very busy, very New York! The boys still had fun and we've nearly fully recovered ^_^ Our 3D ultrasound went great once we got there (only 1/2 hour late haha!), baby looked perfectly normal and we are thrilled to announce we are having ...
a little girl!
Pics of the ultrasound are up here! The tech was definite about the gender, of course for me it seems a little too good to be true, luckily we have our regular level II ultrasound on June 20th, so we can get confirmation then. But the money shot is very pretty and looks like a classic girl shot, so we've already had our first mini pink shopping spree, buying a few adorable sleepers (and one possible going home outfit - click here to see it) - and we fell in love with a bedding set at Babies R Us called "Blossoms", so we of course had to have it and all the accessories! (Click here to see it!) We're keeping receipts just in case, but hoping we won't need them! Macy Elizabeth will be the name of our little princess, we are so excited to complete our little family. Two wonderful boys and one sweet little girl - could it get any better than that? ^_^