Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I was doing some exercises with Dawson on the couch this morning and moved him to his tummy - he propped up for a few minutes but then started fussing, clearly done with tummy time for the moment LOL! Before I realized what he was doing he rolled over onto his back!

I put him back on his belly and after a minute he rolled over again. Back on his belly yet again - this time he rolled back over immediately. I thought, okay maybe the slight incline of the couch cushion is the culprit and I adjusted him to face outward so he was on a level surface - he rolled again! So I finally put him down on the floor on his tummy where after a big fuss he rolled again - 8 more times before I finally believed the milestone was reached. (Mommy's a slow learner, what can I say? heh)

Cade: tummy to back at 6 months old

Parker: tummy to back at 5 months old

Macy: tummy to back at 5 months old

Dawson: tummy to back at 2 months old

I started crying lol, not because he reached the milestone and left his sibs in the dust at that!, but because I never realized before how much I take these little things for granted. What a wonderful gift of perspective he has given us! Could we be any more blessed? :)

And of course - the pics!

And couldn't resist posting this one ^_^