Sunday, February 10, 2008

rewind: cade

(Prior updates)


Cade is getting to be such a big boy - we have just sent in the deposit and paperwork for preschool! o_O We originally planned on having him at the center at BU, but they ended up not having any spots (despite spending a year on the waiting list! :P) so he'll be going to the Discovery Center Childrens' Museum preschool - we hope he loves it there. He loves going to the museum and now he'll get to play there every day! He is as spirited as ever (to put it nicely hehe) so we are very hopeful that preschool gives him the focus he needs to direct those crazy energies! :) He'll be going 5 mornings a week - Mom gets her first taste of playing taxi-driver to 4 extremely closely-spaced kiddos! I can't wait! (Not!) ^_^


Yay!! New pictures are up of our big boy, including from his 3rd bday bash! Cade had a Bob the Builder theme (his obsession of the month heh!) complete with Bob costume. His second Christmas ... er...I mean birthday party hehe ... was a success - everyone had a great time! Cade is doing great, amazing us everyday with the things he says and knows. He is a very hyper, free-spirited child so somedays it feels like we have 4 or 5 kids instead of 3, but we definitely never lack for exciting moments ^_^


Woohoo new pics of our big boy are now up! Decided to create a new page for "2 1/2 years", so those pics basically cover the time since his 2nd Birthday party. I'll probably have to separate it further - hate having dozens of pics all one page hehe. Cade is doing wonderfully, he is learning so much and saying so many things every day. His newest thing is saying "One more time" while holding up one pointer finger - he especially likes to do this when he wants to be spun around in a circle repeatedly (of course hah!) It's so adorable!


Finally, we have Cade's 2nd birthday pics up! I really wanted to get the pics up sooner, but life happened, what can I say? ^_^ Cade's doing great, saying more and more everyday - really becoming a big boy!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY CADE!!! Our little Valentine is 2 years old! We watched the clock turn to 5:12 and tried hard to remember that first cry. Amazing how fast life flies and those memories get harder and harder to recall. Cade had a wonderful birthday party, and we went out for breakfast this morning to celebrate again. We'll hopefully have all the pictures up this weekend ^_^


Can't believe it ... Cade is going to be 2 in 12 days!!! O_O He is such a big boy! Where did the time go?? He's such a smartie, he has a vocabulary that still boggles our minds, can have a whole conversation with us (or himself hehe!) and he's even started counting from 1 to 10!! We're still trying to convince him though that his age is "2" and his name is "Cade" not "Old" ^_^ We're having a little birthday celebration for him on Sunday 2/12 - a LazyTown theme (his absolute favorite show that he just can't go 24 hours without!) Complete with a 4-tier cake with lollipops (a replica from a cake in one of the episodes), personalized candy bar wrappers and blue and light blue M&Ms ordered special! We even have a surprise Sportacus costume for Cade to wear on the big day, and Mom is fighting through her embarassment and donning a pink wig a-la Stephanie! His 2 year check-up is next Wed 2/7!


Our big boy is doing great! Really looking forward to his 2nd Christmas - he knows how to say "Santa" and even says "Ho ho ho!" in a cute funny way! He loves the tree, especially turning on the lights! He's going to be so excited this year! I can't believe he's nearly 2 years old - where did all the time go?!


Welcome to Cade's side of the world! Our big boy is doing great!


We now have a wishlist up for Cade! We thought it would make it easier to give everyone ideas for Christmas - complete with links to where to find them! We'll add things as we see them. We're usually so last-minute, we're starting early this year! ^_^ We're probably going to move our bedroom downstairs and turn that room into a playroom for the boys, so we've got to get it all decked out! The playroom theme? U of M of course! We should have a wishlist up on Parker's site soon too (although what could a little chubs like him want for Christmas? We'll have to think of things!)


Finally, at last - an update! New pictures are up!! It's so tough to manage two websites, I'm going to be starting work on a central website for both boys (a surfer theme of course!) - we must simplify!! ^_^ Cade is doing great, he's becoming such a little man. He gets sweeter with Parker everyday, and they're really starting to interact. When Parker's sitting in the bouncy seat, Cade kisses him and claps Parker's hands together - Parker thinks it's the funniest thing and starts cooing and grinning. It's so wonderful to see them together - can't wait until Parker is old enough to really play with his big brother. Cade's vocabulary is just taking off, and he's learning how to dress himself - a couple weeks ago he raced into the bedroom while I was changing Parker shouting "Look! Look!" ... I looked and looked and couldn't figure out what I should be seeing, when I realized he was wearing a pair of shorts. He'd only been wearing a onesie before, so he'd gotten a pair out of his drawer and put them on all by himself - the right way and everything! I just about cried right there. Our baby Cade is growing up! ^_^


We're so thrilled to announce that Cade became a big brother on Saturday July 30th, at 2:30pm!! We had been scheduled for an induction on Monday 8/1, but baby Parker decided to beat the clock and arrived via VBAC (vaginal birth after cesaerean) after a fast 7 hours of labor and 1 1/2 hours of pushing. He was 7 lbs 6 oz and 21" long. He looks just like his big brother did - it's kind of scary how similar looking they are!! We were discharged only 24 hours later and are doing great! Cade is being a wonderful big brother, giving him kisses and holding his hand when we're in the car. We're still getting adjusted to life as a family of four, but we're so happy that Parker has finally arrived!


Just a quick update - we've been so busy getting ready for baby Parker's arrival! Cade is doing great, learning tons of new words (we made a list and his vocabulary is around 35 words and learning new ones every day!) He was sick for a couple days last week and now has an ear infection - poor guy! We are now less than 2 weeks away from Parker's due date - pretty soon we'll be posting that Cade is a big brother! ^_^


Finally got some new pictures up! Cade's been so busy - we had a fun trip to the zoo, Grandma came out to visit for Memorial Day weekend and we went to Chuck E Cheese's for the first time and played outside in Cade's new kiddie pool!


We have some new pictures up of the big boy! Besides a bad cold all last week, he's doing great!


Cade had his 15-month well check-up today (well, 14 1/2 month heh) - and he's doing great! he weighed in at 24 lbs, 4 oz and he's 31 1/4" long! his chest sounded clear, both ears are totally clear of infection and fluid, and he was so brave with his 2 shots! he's such a happy little guy, when we were first called in from the waiting room he ran after the nurse screaming and laughing. it's so nice to have a true "well" check-up once in a while! ^_^


we had our third ultrasound today - Parker is looking great and weighing in at 1 lb, 13 oz. make sure you go to his website to see all of our ultrasound pictures! Cade has his well check-up this coming Thursday, so we'll get to see how big our little chubs has grown!


Cade is 14 months old today! wow it goes by so fast. he's started eating "big boy" food - sandwiches, pasta, chicken nuggets - he's got Mom cookin' all night ^_^ after much, much debate, we finally decided on a name for our new addition - Parker Reese! we have another ultrasound scheduled for next Friday to see how much he's grown (we can't wait!) we are also launching "ribbit", Parker's very own website. I've added a link above so check it out! not much there yet, but it's in the works! =)


biggest update ever! all of Cade's pictures are now up! 9, 10, 11 months and even his 1st birthday! enjoy! Cade's big birthday bash was a great success - Cade was a little shy at first but then he became the little entertainer, walking all over the place and getting into everything (he seems to be very good at that!) he loved his cake, made a huge mess, and helped Mom open lots of great presents. since then, he's been perfecting his walking skills ... he tries to run and he can stand up from sitting without holding onto anything. he's also becoming quite the little helper - he'll even look for and bring us his shoes if we ask him! we've also been trying to teach him that there's a baby in Mom's tummy - now he'll walk over, lift my shirt a little and pat my tummy and say "babeee" in his cute mispronounciation! he probably doesn't really understand yet, so hopefully he doesn't start pointing to less-than-svelte strangers' tummys and saying "babeee"!! speaking of the little bean, we had our big ultrasound 2 weeks ago and all looks perfect, baby was measuring 7 oz and we found out that it's a boy!! we're so excited that Cade will have a little brother to play with. now I have to get working on another website! the name we have picked out so far is Holden Wylie ... Cade and Holden has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? ^_^


finally! I got Cade's 8 month pics up! I still have our holiday portraits to post, and I have to get his 9 and 10 month film developed. we've been so busy, and of course I'm tired all the time - I have a good excuse though! ^_~ Cade had a great Christmas, although he was more interested in climbing on his presents than opening them heh. but he got lots of cool big boy toys that he loves. he's cruising all over the place now, running marathons around the coffee table. he'll be taking those first all-by-myself steps anyday now. our baby jelly bean is doing well, too. we saw the heartbeat last week at 154 bpm. all looks well, and looks like I'm probably due more around August 6th. oh well, two more days for Cade to enjoy the wonders of being the only child! =)


new pics will be up soon... I have them all cut and loaded, just have to put them up on a page. Cade has his 9 month check-up last week and he was 20 lbs, 11 oz and 28.5" long!! he's such a big guy! he just got over a little cold (which he of course gave to his mom!) but is feeling much better now. he's crawling all over the place now, forward and backward, and pulling himself up on tables and other things. he says BABA, MAMA, and just yesterday he started saying DADA - he's sooo cute when he babbles! in other news, we're happy to announce that Cade will be a big brother sometime next year around August 4th! we already have names picked out - Holden Cooper for a boy or Avery Claire for a girl. it would be nice for Cade to have a little brother, but of course a girl would be wonderful too (and I already have ideas for her website - think pink! ^_~) but just hoping to be blessed again with a beautiful and healthy baby, just like Cade!


at long last - an update! Cade's 7 month pics are now up (I know, I know, we're almost 2 months behind!) he's not quite crawling yet, though he is scooting backward now and he likes to rotate in a circle up on his elbows. he started clapping his hands last week - he does it so clumsily but so adorable and he gets a real kick out of it when we clap back at him! he's still getting cuter with every passing second, and he's started developing a preference for his mommy (he still loves playing with dad, but if I'm nearby he'll lean and reach for me) which I don't mind at all! he was tigger for his very first halloween - he wore his costume at the parade at daycare, but alas - he fell asleep at 4:30pm on halloween so he couldn't stay up to welcome the 2 trick-or-treaters who came to our door (we were very busy!) he's getting his flu shot in 2 weeks, but doesn't have another check-up until 11/30, so we'll see how fat he's gotten then! ^_^


Cade was 18 lbs, 2oz and 26" long at his 6-month check-up! he's just perfect. (though he does have a big head hehe - 45 cm!!) he did really well with his shots. we have his 6-month pictures up now - including some neat black and white ones we took in Michigan.


we just got back from visiting Grandma in Michigan yesterday. Cade did so well on his first plan rides. a little fussy at times, but mostly slept or flirted with the flight attendants ^_^ he had a tough week, constipated and gassy and mostly miserable. the last day he was a lot happier, and so we went to Grandma's work to show him off! he did take one dip in the pool, but it was a little cold and he cried. he loved Simon, his Dad's old english sheepdog. it was a fun trip, too bad it couldn't last longer and without constipation! new pics will be up soon. cade has his check-up tomorrow night, so we'll get to see how fat he's gotten heh!


Cade's rolling over all the time now!! (tummy to back) he looks so silly doing it. he moves his upper body first and then smiles like a goof while he tries furiously to swing his legs over. when he finally succeeds he's so proud of himself! he sits up pretty well too now - we still have to offer nearby protection but he's getting so good at it! we started veggies last weekend - he loves sweet potatoes, and likes his peas too. this weekend we're starting a new cereal. today, oatmeal; tomorrow, the world!


Cade's 5 month old pictures are up now! poor thing caught a cold about 2 weeks ago that turned into an ear infection and bronchitis - after a week of antibiotics and nebulizer treatments he's almost all better. we went to the doctor today and we can stop the meds and don't have to go back until aug. 23 for his regular check-up. he was 17 lbs, 8 oz today! ^_^


new pictures are up from boston!! 5 month pics are on the way soon. in other news, Cade laughed like a grown-up this morning! he's been "baby laughing" for a few months ("geeee!!!") but this morning he was cracking up with real hahas - he laughed so hard he gave himself the hiccups. he is too cute! ^_^


well, mom just accidentally erased the whole homepage, so we're starting from scratch here. *_* Cade had a great time in boston over 4th of July weekend ... he was very good but slept through the fireworks of course! at his last doctor's appointment on Tuesday, he was 16 lbs, 12 oz and 24 1/2 " long! he's getting so big! he's great at reaching and grabbing now, puts everything in his mouth, and we're sure he'll be rolling over soon. right now he likes to roll from side to side, and rotate around (so if we lay him down, five minutes later his head's where his feet were originally) - he's such a weirdo. but a cute one! ^_^