Saturday, April 25, 2009

adventures in preparations

I finally started tackling the suitcases again last night - I had to check some of the gifts we're bringing for the people involved in the adoption because some stuff is silver and I worried it might be starting to tarnish after sitting in a suitcase for 9 months LOL ^_^ Everything looked fine though, so I got 2 of our 4 suitcases to be checked finished and weighed - one came in at 47.8 lbs so fingers crossed our scale matches up with the scale at the airport!

In my packing I was forced to admit there is no way for me to fit the adorable squeeky shoes that were donated to us for the other children, so we will have to pack them up and ship those out when we get back. Too many gifts, too many donations heh - I can't complain. :)

I plan to finish up the packing this weekend as well as all of my obsessive note-writing for Grandma and Grandpa (including weekly meal plans and corresponding grocery lists ... er, did I mention that I'm a little obsessive about planning?) and get started on cleaning. Ugh, my favorite!

We also have a new thing to add to our To-Do list before we leave (which may or may not be insane), a very generous gift to the kids from Grandpa ^_^

!!! We have a playset now but it only has one swing and well, our kids live for swinging. :) Yeah, Matt thinks they can put it together the weekend before we go. Hmm...

Suddenly MY list doesn't look so daunting. ^_~