Tuesday, April 21, 2009

proof positive

Today we got Emerson's plane ticket in the mail (well, the ticket has her birth name - Andjela - on it, and our last name, as her first name will not be changed until we complete the readoption process here in New York) - it felt like I was tearing open the I-171H again LOL, I was that happy to see it! ^_^ It feels like the first real proof that we are going to Serbia soon, and we won't be coming back alone!

We wired our deposit for our apartment today, too, one more thing to mark off my list. We're going to be very close to the orphanage, about 1 mile, a couple blocks south of St. Sava's Temple, one of the things I can't wait to see.

I have such a long list of places we must visit that I'm wondering if we'll actually have enough time to do it all! :) I'd really love to take a little trip out to a few places like VinĨa, Mt. Avala and the Golubac Fortress, but it all depends on when we complete the adoption and are able to spring Em from the orphanage, how quickly we can get the Embassy stuff done and of course how Em is transitioning with us. At least there is plenty to keep us busy in the city itself! :)

I feel like I still have so much planning to do. I did finally create a second duplicate blog since we are at our max 100 readers - it's weird having two blogs exactly the same LOL. So welcome to our 30 and counting new readers! :)

As of tomorrow, only 19 more days to go until we leave!!