Tuesday, January 26, 2010

a way with words

I walked into the bathroom the other night in search of Dawson (who loves to play in the bathroom for unknown reasons) only to discover not only had he figured out how to open the toilet seat, but he'd also taken the liberty to grab the plunger and get to work, all while chanting "Plunge, plunge, plunge..." Funny, I didn't think that was a high-frequency word in our house but geesh, I guess it's used enough. ^_^ And since I was not lucky enough to happen to be carrying my camera, after grabbing him and washing his hands I went and got it, came back and restaged the scene (bad mommy!) LOL!

Dawson seems to be picking up on language as we go now - he learned "snow" and "sand" when we took the kids to the park to ice skate the other weekend. Yesterday he said "light" when I turned the oven light on and today he surprised me with a perfectly pronounced "hammer" while he was working on his Elmo tool bench.

He is still pushing his little carts around the house and amazingly within just a matter of a few days he figured out how to turn it himself. I could've danced when he first did it - no more dashing to his screams for help when he hits the end of the hallway heh! Sunday night I was sitting in the living room (pumping, if you must know!) and I turned my head and my heart stopped for a second when I saw Dawson standing there. Nobody and no object around him, just standing there like he was on his way to the kitchen for a snack. He has been trying to push himself to standing through a bear stance but he never quite gets his body straightened up - except that time! I am so excited for him to start walking on his own. So, so soon! :)

Emerson also said her first word (other than her little "hi" sound she makes in greeting) and how cute that it was Dawson's first word, too. "Ball!" I think she is trying to say "baby" too as she babbles "bay-bah" whenever I sit with her with Holden in my arms. She has signed "eat" a few times, too. Just like Dawson, her trouble is consistency and the fact that she knows we can figure out what she wants most of the time. It's nice to think though that maybe things are starting to click together in that little head of hers! :)

Holden is doing great - he is around 16 lbs now (yes, at 3 months old!) and smiles and laughs and coos and he also says "Hi" in greeting or in response to our "hi" - probably just imitation right now but boy he sure says it well! He loves Dawson and giggles whenever he's in his line of vision. He is starting to roll over both from back to tummy and tummy to back - oh it goes so fast!

We got Cade's ADHD testing results and it's about a 95% chance of an ADHD diagnosis. Next step is to have a medical doctor make the official diagnosis. It doesn't change much, it's just a man-made term after all, but it's good to know so we can start looking into specific discipline techniques and do what we can to help him handle life better.

Parker amazes us and is pretty far ahead the other kids in his PreK class. He can write his name for the most part (he forgets the "a" - stinkin' letter!), knows the days of the week and his drawing skills are great. We shouldn't be surprised with his awesome fine motor skills - he was unscrewing the outlet covers with a screwdriver and opening child-proof prescription bottles at 2 LOL!

Macy's doing well too - we are still working on potty-training (why oh why are all my kids so stubborn?) and she seems very comfortable with the idea of going to school this fall.

And that concludes this episode of Child Round-Up, stay tuned for some pictures! :)

For some reason Em likes to climb up on boxes - ANY box. If it's low enough she backs herself up onto it LOL.

Her hair is getting so long - she is starting to look like a big girl now!

My little cutie pie.