Wednesday, September 10, 2008

getting close!

We are expecting our dossier to be reviewed in mid to late September... very soon!!

We are so excited about traveling to Belgrade. I think by the time we arrive I'll have memorized all of the historical sites (I might not be able to pronounce them correctly though heh!) This will be my first trip to Europe, Matt's second (he went to the UK in school) and while Belgrade is not most people's first choice, I think it's an incredibly unique and beautiful city and I'm happy this will be my first experience across the pond. Of course we'll also be bringing home a most amazing souvenir. ^_^

I'm not sure how much time we'll have for sightseeing, but we'll do our best. I can't believe next month I will (hopefully!) be posting our own pictures of Beautiful Beograd!

I am finally getting into adoption nesting mode - shopping, packing, daydreaming and trying to learn a whole new alphabet! ^_^