Sunday, September 28, 2008

the week ahead

Well after spending the weekend with everyone sick and cooped up away from the rainy weather - and missing our first Buddy Walk because of the combination! :( - we are looking ahead to what is likely a very important week.

This week represents our last chance to travel in October... because an important player in the adoption process will be on vacation beginning the following week, if we do not receive a confirmed travel date by Friday then it's fairly certain that we will not be traveling until November.

And we also hope to receive a decision on our third and final grant application. I have done my best to suspend my worry over the financial aspect of this process until this moment, so I am very much hoping I can banish those worries completely this week.

Neither of these things is within our control, so I can only hope, pray and wish with every fiber of my being that both work out in our favor.

And a sweet way to start the week... I made a montage with all of the pictures we have received of Emerson. We love you, Em! ^_^