Sunday, September 07, 2008

science, signs and second chances

Finally getting around to posting some pics from our adventure at the ScienceCenter in Ithaca last weekend. We all had a great time!

After such a disappointing fundraising effort with our yard sale, it took me by surprise to be pushing the stroller through a doorway at the Center that leads to an outdoor childrens' exploration area that read above:

Emerson Science Park

I couldn't help but smile and feel my spirits a bit lifted. ^_^

Here are some pics from our day!

The entrance to the ScienceCenter:

In the Emerson Park, Dawson had a great time playing these big drums heh - such a cutie!

All seriousness, Miss Macy playing at the sand table:

Another non-smiling one LOL:

Aunt Chelsey (my not-so-little-anymore little sister!) Isn't she beautiful? :)

An exhibit that featured a beach ball atop an airblower meets Cade. Enough said heheh!

They had so much to do there - the boys even got to touch a snake! We will definitely be repeating the trip sometime soon!

This past week Cade started preK - for a second time heh! Last year's attempt ended in us deciding he wasn't quite ready and pulling him out after a couple weeks. Happily, he is doing great now! He actually looks forward to going and is always deep in play when I pick him up. Carting around 3 other little ones, soon to be 4, not so fun. But well worth it. :)

And speaking of second chances, we've decided to go ahead and hold our yard/garage sale one more time, probably 2 weeks from now assuming we have good weather. So we'll be extending our raffle one more time to make use of the raffle box I worked so hard on. Hopefully second time is the charm! ^_^