Monday, January 04, 2010

moving on

Okay, I figured it was time to post some holiday pictures. I am really surprised by the number of readers who have drawn conclusions about me, my family or how we are coping with Emerson's issues based on something so unreliable as one single blog post. If I were posting 5 days a week with the same expressions of negative emotion constantly, then certainly one might make the assumption that we are swimming in those emotions far too much. But one post a month that expresses the pent-up frustrations over that last month does not paint a complete picture of the majority of our time.

Most of the time we are managing just fine and coping with Em's issues and enjoying the progresses that she has made. Just because I don't jump on here to post everytime I'm happy doesn't mean I never am. I would encourage anyone reading what are essentially online diaries to keep that in mind before jumping to conclusions. You are not looking through the bay window of someone's living room for 24 hours a day - you are being given a 5 second glance through a keyhole. A few people have talked about keeping perspective - well, I would encourage my readers to do the same and to think before you hit submit or send. Okay? Great, now moving on! :)

And some of my faves from Dawson and Macy's joint birthday party, a bit late LOL.