Monday, January 11, 2010

tickled pink

My Mini is here! And it's just as pink as the above picture shows (I was just too lazy to take a real pic; please accept this stock photo instead LOL) - I love it! ^_^

My suddenly gargantuan hands are still getting used to this tiny little keyboard and this is the first HP I've ever owned so some of the key placements are throwing me off and the screen is so much smaller than I'm used to I keep thinking there's something wrong with my glasses but hey, it's PINK!! :)

Emerson just finished her antibiotic course and the ENT did agree to call in a prescription for ear drops last week so she seems to be feeling better. Her ears had been gushing disgusting snotty fluid but that has since stopped. Her appointment is on Thursday so hopefully we will find out what's going on in there. She is still grinding her teeth a lot, but with a little less severity. I'm trying my best to maintain sanity around the sound, which perhaps results in me walking around gritting my teeth and twitching one eye like some ridiculous cartoon character, but oh well - did I mention my Mini is pink?

We are having a lot of behavior issues with Cade lately and as we've been poking at the idea since he was 18 months old we finally asked the school psychologist to please start testing for ADHD. He's almost 6 so the whole "he's too young, let's wait a bit" response we've gotten from his pediatricians for the last 4 years just isn't flying anymore.

My days can be pretty overwhelming. Half of our kids are high-needs and sometimes I find myself glancing at the other moms in the preK parking lot who just have two or three seemingly typical kiddos with a little wistfulness. Can we switch for a day?

Ah, but then I'd miss out on a lot of fun stuff too. And of course, those other moms probably don't have pink Minis. ^_~