Tuesday, January 06, 2009


It's almost 1 am here and I cannot seem to sleep. So what else can I do but post? (AGAIN! LOL!) Tomorrow is Christmas in Serbia, I so wish we were there to celebrate with our little angel. I am feeling so wistful for her lately, it feels like those last few weeks of a pregnancy when you have enjoyed the anticipation but just want to hold that little sweetie in your arms!

Our dream will come true so soon! Tonight I noticed a familiar picture on the "Already HOME!" section of Reece's Rainbow, under March 2009. With a little luck it will be the 26th or 27th of February, but I couldn't help but smile at that little reminder of just how near we are to her! Until then, I am just dreaming of when I can finally kiss those soft cheeks and brush that wild hair! :)

Hristos se rodi moja beba. Volim te!
(Merry Christmas, my baby [literally, Christ is born]. I love you!)