Sunday, January 11, 2009

getting ready

As we are looking forward to good news soon for a mid-February appointment date, we have started getting those last minute things ready. Cleaning, repacking, buying a few more things for her... I miss Em so much these days, I hope she is doing well - hopefully we only have a little more than 30 days to go!

We finally went out and bought a new double stroller! We had one already, which I love, but it's one where the kids sit side-by-side and it just wasn't going to work for me anymore. When Emerson is home I will be toting 4 little ones with Cade to and from preschool, and with 2 of them not walking, a stroller is going to be a must - and there was no way our big side-by-side was going to fit through the preschool doors LOL!

It's functional but it looks and feels like a bus - I don't know how you moms with triplet + strollers do it! - but the kids were very happy to give it a test drive! I'm relieved that Parker won't be getting a license anytime soon HAHA! :)

And we also bought new carseats for Emerson and Dawson. Dawson is much too long for his infant seat now and though we have an infant seat for Em as well, she's reaching the max for length too! And how could I resist this girly one? I cannot wait to see her in it!