Thursday, January 29, 2009

the magic paintbrush

We are so very lucky to live in an area that has so many services for people with special needs - tonight we got to use a fun one! In the major shopping mall here is a place called The Magic Paintbrush - it is basically a huge art room that can be used by families with a member with special needs and their therapists, educators, etc.

We have the absolutely best therapists in our area who specialize in children with DS, and Dawson's occupational therapist, Anne (she's the lady with the blue shirt in the pictures) set up our first session along with Reva, her boss and Cade's occupational therapist (Cade has some fine motor delays and receives OT twice a week at school along with speech therapy). These two wonderful ladies are like family and everyone had so much fun! Tonight it felt so much like someone was missing... I cannot wait to bring Emerson with us when we go back! :)

Here are some pictures - and yes, Parker did get a haircut, courtesy of big brother Cade LOL!!! (I only cried a little, I promise! :P )

Cade in the bouncy house:

Playing in a pool of paper:

Anne talking with Dawson:

Reading a paint story with Reva (in white):

Getting started:

Time to get messy!:

The damage:

The small canvas the kids did, which The Magic Paintbrush glazes and gives to us as a keepsake!:

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

P.S. We didn't seem to have much interest in our guessing pool, so we ended it and refunded the particpants - thank you!! :)