Tuesday, January 20, 2009

we squeak!

I first heard about WeeSqueak Shoes from a post on the Urban's blog and I liked Charissa's thinking of how they might encourage a child to bear weight on the feet by giving them the motivation of a cute little squeak with each step. Our physical therapist suggested we get Dawson some shoes (not just the soft-soled infant ones we have already) so she can work more with him on his feet, and I remembered Charissa's long-ago post and our PT thought they sounded like a wonderful idea.

So after ordering some for Dawson and Emerson, I decided to send the company an email to see if they would be willing to send some shoes along to Serbia with us - what a great tool for physical therapy or just some really fun shoes for the kids! And this is what they sent - around 30 pairs of little girls shoes! We are so grateful to WeeSqueak for their generous donation! ^_^

They were manufactured with a tiny pin hole on the top that is barely noticeable (if I were the owner I would've slapped an extra flower there and sold them as "limited editions" HAHA!!) but otherwise are perfect, adorable and incredibly good quality. The squeaker can be easily taken out and put back in (I'm thinking the wonderful nurses probably do not want to hear 60 squeaking feet all day LOL!) and the only challenge now is... fitting them all in our suitcases! I think I'll have to take them out of the boxes and do some really serious rearranging...

Hopefully I have 20 days to get that done (please, please let it just be 20 days!). In the meantime, here's Miss Macy modeling them for us - excuse the striped pants, she was playing Pirate at the time. Such a princess LOL! She highly approves of the squeaky fun and is now demanding her own pair! :)