Friday, June 13, 2008

6 months and 10 pigs

Dawson is 6 months old!! How fast time flies and how amazing that just 5 months ago we were in the thick of grief and surprise over a label of DS and now here we are adoring our little guy and willingly seeking out that label. What a powerful little person we have the gift of knowing :)

Just in time for his 1/2 year mark, last week Dawson finally discovered his new toy - his piggies! He's looked down at them suspiciously for over a month but only now has he strengthened those tummy muscles enough to kick them into his waiting hands. We are so proud of him and loving this new display of utter cuteness! ^_^

And little Macy is 19 months old and finally starting to talk up a storm! She's still quite the little mother, her favorite phrases now being "come on, guys!" and "SIT DOWN!" ^_^

We can't believe Parker will be 3 next month - where has our little chubby baby gone?

And Cade, water cannon in hand - are we surprised? heh!