Monday, June 16, 2008

the eyes have it!

Dawson had his opthamology check-up this morning in Syracuse. Despite eye drops and a lot of prodding and pulling, he was a trooper! We've been noticing over the last few weeks that he may be developing strabismus (especially in the left eye - no wonder considering his mom's history!) and the doctor did see what I was talking about but because it's not consistent said it might just be a fluke thing and not really develop into anything. He does have moderate astigmatism in both eyes (again - thanks, Mom!) but at this age it's not uncommon and again may just go away. So he's being seen again in 4 months to see how those two things are doing and decide if we need to pursue any treatment. Wouldn't he be adorable in little glasses? Nothing like the flying saucers I wore, of course heh! Overall though things look healthy in there.

In other news, Matt received his passport in the mail this afternoon (even though I filed for mine a full WEEK before he did - it wouldn't be the U.S. government if I'd gotten mine first, right? *grumble*) I'll have to try to scan in the (amazingly awful) picture sometime - too funny! Of course, I guess I should wait to see how mine turned out first, eh? ^_~