Friday, June 27, 2008

passports are in!

I finally received my passport today! Apparently the birth certificate abstract I'd submitted with the application wasn't good enough (even though I asked the passport person at the post office when I went *grumble*) so they sent a letter asking for a "real" one - luckily I ordered a few when we started this process so sent it right back to them. I really do have to scan in these pictures someday - mine isn't as hilarious as Matt's but they did something with the colors with both that makes Matt look like the living dead and me like a shoo-in for skin cancer at a tanning salon heh ^_^

It was so neat to see those little blue books sitting side by side (briefly, before I had to stash them out of reach of certain curious individuals!) and know that someday soon there will be one more in hand. :)