Thursday, June 26, 2008

my favorite pastime

Room redecorating! ^_^

We moved Dawson in with his big brothers prior to the home study visit to make sure our room layouts and sizes met with her approval (they did!) Dawson's crib turned out patriotic, which strangely neither of us realized when picking out the colors heh, but I love how it looks with the existing bedding! Here's a terrible pic (I'll have to take a better one!)

We also decided to redecorate the girls' room with a girls theme - again! *oops* Saving every penny for the costs of the adoption doesn't leave us with the luxury of being able to splurge freely as we have before, but I figured that if I can sell the bedding and accessories we have now, plus a few of the accessories we have from previous nursery sets, we can actually break even on the redo!! We're going with the new Cherry Blossoms theme from Kidsline - D.C.-loving dad was sold immediately ^_^ Can't wait to have two little girls in a pretty pink room! :)