Tuesday, June 24, 2008

home: studied!

As of 12:35pm we are home study approved! ^_^

We are done! Other than a little tired crankiness at the end, the kids behaved wonderfully and were happy to show the social worker around the house. It was a great visit!

Our social worker should have our report done by... next Friday!!! We already have our CPS clearances back and Matt's criminal clearance - mine is hopefully in the mail. Those clearances only took THREE DAYS - normally they take over a month! Our social worker included a letter explaining Emerson's situation so I guess it moved a few people to help. :)

We're now getting our dossier ready and will be sending in our birth/marriage certs for apostilling soon, then we'll probably get all other documents apostilled next month. Hopefully we receive our USCIS fingerprinting appointments in the next week or so and we get that most precious of approvals, the I-171H in the next 6 or 7 weeks - we're hoping to submit our dossier by early/mid August, in hopes of receiving a late September/early October travel date. Early September is out with Matt's Masters exams that first week, so timing is everything.

We are thrilled to be this much closer to Emerson! ^_^