Tuesday, June 03, 2008

just full of surprises

Dawson had his hearing evaluation this morning - his ears are perfect! The audiologist commented several times how surprised she was at the great reaction she got from his ear drums, that usually kiddos with DS have a "flat" ear drum that doesn't vibrate much in response to their little stimulator, but Dawson's responded as a typical child's would. We tried to do a little hearing booth test, usually used once they get older and are better able to localize sound, but he did a great job and she was very happy and surprised with his reactions to the sounds.

He also had his first OT visit this afternoon - another adult to melt over him ^_^ She was surprised at how good his overall tone is and how verbally responsive and attentive he is - would we expect anything less from our little wonder boy? :)

And on the adoption front, we had our NYS fingerprinting done this morning - fun, fun! We stole a page out of Disney's book and used the "rider switch" policy - Matt went in first while I sat with the kids, then we switched. Of course mine took twice as long because apparently my pointer fingers don't like to cooperate. The unassuming older lady in the Sheriff's office joked that Matt probably figured they found something and booked me. I think maybe Matt's been holding out on us about his wild teenage years and he's an old pro at rolling the ink ^_^

Tomorrow we're submitting our completed home study paperwork, just need to get our medical forms signed and wait for NY to give the all clear on our criminal/CPS checks. I'm very hopeful that we'll have this home study done in about 4 weeks and we can get moving with our INS approval! Matt will apply for his Passport on Saturday and we'll start getting our biography and financial papers together for our dossier. Things are moving along, but I know the dreaded waiting... and waiting... is just around the corner.