Thursday, June 05, 2008

full circle

Yesterday we paused to rethink our decision to adopt. We received some very valid, very experienced concerns from a family member and on top of that an old friend we hoped to use as a reference refused to help us in this endeavor because in her opinion our family is "too big already." :(

We spent the day discussing, analyzing, worrying, doubting. When it was time to head to bed we both felt battered but still wanting to continue with this process. And this morning I found something that warmed my heart and restored my faith in this journey. While we slept on our concerns, Julie was spending time with little Andjela, cuddling and holding her. The irony of the whole situation strikes me so much. She inspired our decision and on the other side of the world ended up being the first one to hold our little girl - could it come any more full circle than that?

We submitted our home study paperwork today still with some worries and doubts but with much more hope. I know this might still end before we've even gotten started, but we both know we want to try. Crossing our fingers and smiling over these new pictures - thank you, Julie, for everything!! ^_^