Tuesday, June 17, 2008

our growing lovelies

We had well visits for 3 out of 4 kids tonight - Dawson's 6 month, Macy's 18 month (a bit late) and Parker's 3 year (a bit early!). All three are doing great and thriving!

17 lbs, 12 oz
26" long
17" head circumference

27 lbs
33" long
19" head circumference

31 lbs
37" long
19 1/2" head circumference

Dawson is in the 25th-50th percentile range for length and head circumference and the 50th-75th for weight - that's on the typical charts. On the DS chart he's in the 75th for length and er... off the chart for weight hehe. He's Mr. Chunk, what can we say? ^_^ Parker is between 25th and 50th in all but his huge noggin which is 75th to 90th and Macy is in 75th to 90th for everything - she's our future linebacker, I think! :)

All in all a great appointment, everyone was reasonably well-behaved and we got our home study medical report for the kids signed by the pediatrician. I'm sure he thought we're off our rocker for adding to our crazy bunch - his eyes got wide enough haha! - but hey, they're healthy and loved - what more could we ask for? ^_^