Monday, June 09, 2008

soliloquy for a headrest

Early this morning we packed the kids up and got our second set of fingerprints. The first was for our state clearance; these were for our FBI clearance; the third will be for our INS clearance - hopefully at the end of this every person in the country will know that we have not committed any crimes, or at least that we had enough sense to wear gloves. ^_^

We stopped at the post office first to pick up a prepaid envelope and the money order for $36 to pay the FBI to tell us what we already know. While Matt ran in and I sat with the kids I caught the following solo conversation from Cade behind me:

Emerson? What about Emerson?

Does she have a family?

Does she play?

Does she have food?

But not very much.

Can we help her?
[heavy sigh] ... Yes, I guess so.

Aren't 4 year olds sweet little human beings? ^_^