Tuesday, August 12, 2008

can you hear me now?

tropic blunder, new fundraiser & our sweetie

I finally got irritated enough with the whole Tropic Thunder fiasco to do something about it - one of our local TV news stations is coming out on Friday to do an interview to see the face of the controversy locally. ^_^

Hoping I can articulate the major arguments and not just implode on camera hehe! I'll post something up here once I've organized my thoughts on each argument and excuse made by the Hollywood folk.

I also came across something cute that gave me an idea for our next and final fundraiser - it will begin next week and run through the end of the month, ending the last day of our yard sale event. There are several fundraisers going on with many Reece's Rainbow families right now so I'm waiting until next week to kick things off. :)

And, the best part of my day - an email from our facilitator updating us that our dossier is being translated right now and sending me some new pictures of Emerson! Here are some of my favorites - so good to see her playing and it looks like even rolling over! ^_^