Sunday, August 31, 2008

closing time

Well it's day 2, 3 hours in and nada. Just had one older couple return from yesterday to see if there was anything new. No other people have stopped by.

Not sure where we went wrong. We did tons of advertising. I know it's Labor Day weekend but this is a pretty big city - I don't think EVERYONE left. We might try this again sometime, but in order to get it into the paper it has to be 2 weeks notice which means it would be 3 weekends from now and getting close to October, so not sure how successful that would be.

We're closing up now as we're all very disappointed, tired of looking out the window every few minutes, and the kids are very restless. We're taking them somewhere fun instead.

I extended our raffle one week in hopes of getting a bit closer to our goal (at least, I tried lol - had to start a new one and there's something wrong with ChipIn that won't let me select September, so it says it ends 10/7 but it's really 9/7. Geesh, even the little things aren't going right LOL.

Thank you for all the encouragement and support!

** Update **

Aw, I feel badly for being such a whiner lol. We've received $150 in donations since I posted last night - thank you ladies!

I know we will get to that final goal one way or another. After all, we've saved, received and raised so much. No way are we letting this last bit stand in between us and Emerson. ^_~

I'm sorry for the negativity this weekend - I know in my heart that everything will work out just as it's meant to and I will instead look forward to the fact that as of tomorrow morning we should be meeting our little girl NEXT MONTH!!!! :)

And hey, at least our garage is now all clean hehe! ^_^