Friday, August 15, 2008

a tale of two visas

Introducing our final fundraiser! Ending 8/31, we are setting a goal of $600 - this will cover the costs of Emerson's medical exam, passport and VISA fees.

The prize? A $100 Visa gift card, complete with Miss Emerson's picture! :) (Yes, a Visa for a VISA - how could I resist? ^_^)

You can enter here or you'll also be able to do so the old fashioned way during our yard sale fundraiser.

We are so thankful for this last bit of help! :)

(p.s. Don't worry! The image above is not the actual card, just a mock-up; we can't order the real card until we know who wins the raffle so it can be made with the winner's name ^_^ Also, if you prefer a card without a picture, just let me know in the comments section in PayPal or email me if you are the winner.)