Monday, August 11, 2008

grant update

Not much to report. I did get a response from GOA but it didn't acknowledge my confusion; they just said to update the financial part of our application and email it back. I did, and they said it will be reviewed during the September meeting.


Because of all of the success of our fundraisers and what we've sold on ebay, we changed our requested amount from $5000 to $3000. Considering they approve around 8 families per month, it seems hard to believe there is a better "qualified" family out there... child with special needs, life-threatening medical issue, four kids at home already, pretty mediocre income for a family of our size, tons of fundraising, requesting less than the average grant awarded - what more could we toss in to the mix? :P

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers at the end of the month - getting this would let us stop obsessing about raising funds and start obsessing about how to fit everything into our suitcases! ^_^