Wednesday, August 06, 2008

where's a head-to-brick-wall smiley when you need it?

Oh yeah, there it is.

The Gift of Adoption Fund emailed me tonight to say our request was denied for the following reason:

"Perseverance not demonstrated (Less than 50% of the total reported adoption costs have been funded."


Only about 25% of the total costs happen before you travel (which have all been paid in full) and we listed for them the remaining funds we have and were raising which far exceeded 50% of the total. We applied for $5000, less than 1/3 the total costs, and really we could've done with less than that after all of our fundraising recently.

I emailed them back with the math, I'm eager to see what they say. Now we wait until next month's committee meeting to have our application reviewed again. Fingers crossed!