Friday, August 08, 2008

raffle closed!

Well, we have reached our revised, revised goal of $650!!! I closed the ChipIn and will now be working on getting all the names ready for the drawing this weekend!

Thank you so very much to everyone who helped by buying tickets, posting our widget on your blog or just sending good thoughts and prayers. Those efforts raised enough funds to feed us in Belgrade (and hopefully cover our taxi rides too!) When you think about it that way, it really illustrates just how much of a difference seemingly little things can make.

We are so appreciative! ^_^

If you missed the raffle but would still like to support our adoption, you can donate directly to our family fund with Reece's Rainbow by clicking on the picture of that darling little girl to your right. :)

I may do another raffle as we get closer to traveling - trying to think of something more exciting than gift cards for a prize! ^_~