Saturday, August 30, 2008


(Save Our Sale)

Wow. What a disappointing day.

After baking all day yesterday and me, Matt and my little sister Chelsey staying up all night last night (no exaggeration) setting everything up in the garage, today may very well have been The Worst Yard Sale Ever.

The morning began with sprinkling, which quickly turned to pouring. We had just two customers at that time, but only one bought something small. At 11am it stopped raining and eventually the skies cleared and turned sunny but unfortunately things did not improve for us. We had a total of about eight people stop and look, only two bought things and two more bought some baked goods and entered our raffle. Things were so slow we all went back into the house and just looked out our living room window every few minutes. No one was coming.

Our grand total for day 1 was $44.50. Yep, the decimal point is in the right place there. Most of the stuff is very nice, not overpriced (I don't think anyway lol) and in great condition... we put up signs on 3 different streets, put an ad online and in the paper, posted on our local moms community board. We're not sure if it was the early rain or what happened. We're thankful for those that did come by, just wishing we'd had a better turnout.

Trying to stay hopeful for tomorrow but I admit part of me just wants to scrap the whole idea. The worst part is that we spent about $300 on groceries for the bake sale and folding tables for all the stuff. So we're worse off than we were before we had a sale.

Forgive the poor-me post. I'm exhausted and so discouraged. :(