Wednesday, February 18, 2009

behind closed doors

Well hello there - our first PRIVATE post! Doesn't it feel like we're all part of some secret club having a very secretive meeting? LOL

A quick explanation - going forward for Serbian adoptions, it is preferred that we do not share pictures of the child or mention the country by name... or we go private. Since I could not bear not to post pictures of our beautiful angel and her beautiful country, we are choosing to go private. Not that big of a deal, but....

I am amazed at the number of requests I received for access to our blog - OVER 100!!!
Unfortunately, blogger only allows 100 readers for a private blog. :( So, I removed a few from my contact lists that I haven't heard from in a while, and there are a few spots left - so if I did forget anyone who is currently following along, hopefully they contact me. I am so humbled by the number of people out there thinking about our sweet Emerson.

I promise I will reopen my blog publicly after our adoption is complete and I have some time to go back and edit pre-adoption posts for privacy.

Yesterday we also got a little update on Em's never-ending paperwork saga; the Ministry is waiting on her Social Work Center for one final step. Our facilitator and the officials are working hard to get everything done and we can only continue to hope that all will fall into place. We are desperately wishing for March, and there is still time for that wish to come true!

Tomorrow will be 7 months since we submitted our dossier. At times I feel I surely cannot wait another minute, another second, or I will burst. Other times I manage to find a sense of calm. Usually I am hovering precariously between the two.

They say adoption is a rollercoaster; they are not kidding! But just think what all of those screams, laughs and tears will bring us in the end.
Thank you for continuing to come along for the wild ride! ^_^


Edited to add at 10:04 PM:

Well, we are at full capacity - 100 readers!!! I just know tomorrow I'll get a few emails asking for invites, I hate to say no to anyone. :(
I am thinking about creating a second, public blog without pictures/country specifics at least with updates on our adoption progress - I want everyone to share in our journey! :)