Wednesday, February 25, 2009

close to my heart

This is Mattea. Although she and Emerson are from different countries and Mattea is older, they have one big thing in common - a complete AV canal. You have followed along with me as I express the agony of time passing for Emerson, knowing how precious that time is when it comes to surgically repairing this heart defect... well little Mattea is 6 years old.

Tomorrow morning Mattea will make the first step toward hopeful repair... a heart catheterization. This will give a better idea of the damage done by the defect remaining unrepaired for so long, and what options are available for correction.

I know someday soon we will be making that same journey with Em, so tonight Mattea and her wonderful family are very close to my heart. Please keep them close to yours, too! ^_^

You can visit their blog here!