Thursday, February 05, 2009

a therapist's dream

This morning Dawson's social worker came out to start the Early Intervention paperwork trail - for Macy!

That's right, kiddo #3 needing speech therapy! (Parker probably needs some too but since he's over 3 he doesn't qualify for EI, so we'll be pursuing through the school district as he gets close to pre-school this September.) Just like big brother Cade, articulation is her biggest issue. She's picked up many bad habits from him but she seems to also have some issues with tongue placement (i.e. pushing it in front of her teeth instead of behind when trying to make certain sounds) so we're hoping we can avoid Cade's issues by doing this early. We are using so many of these wonderful services, we might as well rent out our garage to the therapists! We do love them though and they have become very good friends - our OT insists she'll be over to help Grandma and Grandpa with the kids while we're in Serbia. :)

Our social worker also had some news - the speech therapist who specializes in children with Down syndrome now has a spot available for Dawson and she should have one for Emerson soon after we bring her home! :) I was very firm on wanting the same therapist for both - it's hard enough to schedule things and I think it's better to have consistency. Dawson's occupational and physical therapists have been saving spots for Emerson since last summer, even though there is a waiting list in our county - they are too good to us! ^_^ So we will now have everything ready for her, we just need her LOL!

We also found out tonight that our facilitator has likely found a satisfactory solution for the post-placement requirement - without having to pay for all of those reports! I should have known she would and I am embarrassed for going into a panic. We are so indebted to this woman, I have no idea how I will ever thank her enough for everything (especially for putting up with my emotional self!) Many thanks to her and our wonderful family coordinator with Reece's Rainbow, Shelley. :)
Does anyone else feel like our nation's economy has just jumped off the airplane of the world with a broken parachute that got jammed in the door and it is now freefalling and dragging the whole plane down with it? Yikes LOL! I know things will get better - things always get better. :)

I was videotaping Macy talking this afternoon (she's very shy around strangers so I think we'll have a problem doing her actual speech evaluation) and she was looking at pictures and telling me about each one. She came across one of Emerson and our facilitator (they call her the nice doctor LOL) and asked so sweetly, "When Em-Em comin?"
Uskoro, baby girl - soon! ^_^