Sunday, February 08, 2009


Dawson has been doing so much lately - he signs and says "milk," signs and says "more," and says a few other words when he feels like it LOL - eat, drink, ball, book, roll, boo, up and bye-bye (and sometimes waves) - and the two cutest new things are playing pat-a-cake when asked (he even knows when to roll his hands and then when to start patting again!) and he's started lifting himself up on his crib rail, rotating up onto his knees and shins.

This is the first time I've thought it might be time to raise the bar - very soon he won't be my little baby anymore! :( Here is a little video of him hanging out in Macy's crib showing off and otherwise being a complete joy in our lives. I just can't wait until Em is beside him. ^_^