Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Today I thought of something long-forgotten and I just rushed through my old emails to confirm my memory.

Ages ago, when I was newly pregnant with baby #3, an online pal told me about her friend who was supposedly great with baby predictions - sex of the baby, relevant month (birth or conception, etc). Anyway, she sent an email to her friend asking about our third little one and she predicted a girl - she was right!

After we found out Macy was indeed a girl, she went on to say we would have another child, a boy, in early to mid-December the very next year. I laughed at the time, thinking we were done having children and even if we weren't, baby #3 and #4 would be far too close together!

Haha, joke was on me! ^_^

Midway through Dawson's pregnancy, absolutely certain our family was complete and thinking nothing of Down syndrome or adoption, she sent me an email telling me she saw another little girl coming to us, one that would be about 2 years apart from, vaguely, "your son" (did not say which one, but Em is nearly exactly 2 years younger than Parker). She said that her hair would be a bit lighter than the hair of our other children, that she would be a joyful person who loves dancing, always smiling, laughing and wanting kisses and hugs even when she was older and would be surrounded by many people who loved her and wanted to help her.

And the significant month she saw for this little girl was March.

I am not sure why I didn't remember that email until now. Maybe she will be right again. :)

Oh yes, and in case you don't already have goosebumps - what was the day she sent me this unexpected email about this little girl?
8/13/07, three days after Em was born half a world away. :)