Monday, March 16, 2009

a new countdown

Blame it on the old cynic in me, I've added a new countdown to the sidebar to the right, below the one that keeps on ticking away representing how long this adoption process has taken.

It counts down to May 26th. What magical thing happens on May 26th, you wonder? Other than it being ONE YEAR since we officially committed, the fact is we will have the ending to our story by that date. We will either have traveled, are currently out of the country, or we have released our committment to Emerson. It gives me some peace knowing how close we are to that knowledge.

Everyday I'm puzzled by the number of people still with us on this journey - this can't possibly be a very cheerful place to be. LOL, but not really. I chose a little elephant for this most momentous countdown because, well, an elephant never forgets.

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