Tuesday, March 24, 2009

news of many colors

We heard from our facilitator today... some amazing news that she will be attending the very first Down Syndrome Conference in the region late next week and into the weekend! I was so excited to hear this and only wish we could've been in the neighborhood then to tag along with her! ^_^

Our little Emerson is still in the hospital :( but apparently this is not a cause for alarm, it is normal procedure to keep kids with medical issues longer when a bed is available. Our dear friend J did say that the testing they have been doing has shown that it is not too late for her for surgery - I admit I won't feel entirely comfortable without being able to have her checked here and see the results myself - but it was comfort to hear.

J is hoping to meet with some important officials in the first couple weeks of April, hopefully then our paperwork will be pushed along and we will still be able to bring home our angel before they close adoptions down in June and we are forced to release our committment.

I would be very surprised by an April travel date and think May is our one and only chance. We will be short at least $500 on the increased costs for that month - so I am trying to think of a good fundraiser to do, and if anyone feels called to donate to Em's fund it is going to be needed no matter what transpires in the next couple months, either by us or by a new family working toward bringing her home ... which I try not to even consider :( ... and we would be very appreciative even if we are forced to release our committment in June.

And, one final piece of news I've been waiting cautiously to reveal (and explains the pumpkin pic above LOL) - and am still cautiously announcing, but I wanted to include a cheery spot in all of my recent sad posts.
We are very unexpectedly.... expecting! :)

A few of my readers already know this incredible development but for those that don't - no, it was not planned at all LOL and no, this doesn't change how much we love Emerson and still want her to come home to us. I am due around October 28, I'm 9 weeks right now and though I haven't yet found baby's heartbeat on my not-so-wonderful doppler, I have been feeling flutters for a few days now (4 babies in 4 years = paper-thin uterus LOL). It is best to keep this under wraps as much as possible until everything is complete, so I'm glad for a private blog right now!

We are going to have a very crazy fall and winter this year, hopefully Em is part of the sweet chaos and enjoying being a big sister x 2! :)