Thursday, November 13, 2008


"to wait" : [verb] (1) to remain inactive or in a state of repose, as until something expected happens; (2) to look forward to eagerly

Another week is drawing to a close. As of next week we will only have 2 weeks in which to have Emerson put into the Central Registry and a date to be requested and confirmed, before we will need to wait until January or later.

Right now I am still hopeful, though I know if next week passes without good news that will change. I bought Em a Christmas stocking with her name on it and an adorable little ornament with her name and birthdate. I can't imagine how sad it will be to hang them up this year without having our little angel home. I am trying to keep myself busy to pass the time and not get too discouraged (though I am not a person who is easily distracted haha!)

I have finally gotten serious about learning as much Serbian as possible. I used to be a language geek (I was pretty fluent in French years ago and pretty good with German, too, and I also studied Chinese and Ancient Greek LOL) so I have made a daily goal of 15 words/phrases and 2 verbs. A quiz in the morning and flash cards to refresh will hopefully do the trick. I feel badly that so many Europeans speak English so well; it's unfortunate we Americans do not learn more of other languages. Now if only I can get Matt to learn a little - he's more interested in the history than the language though, of course! I guess if it truly is a long wait for a travel date, I might be able to translate for him HA!

I have begun my pre-travel cleaning - scrubbing from bottom to top while the kids chase after me making messes! :) And tonight I repacked the suitcases - the two big ones were just too close to 50 lbs... when we went to Florida last summer we ended up paying an extra fee for going over 50 lbs on the way there, and standing there trying to shift things around to avoid the charge on the way back. Not this time LOL! Now the weight is evenly distributed and we have more room for our clothes! I still can't believe we have over 50 lbs in donations o_O

I'm also preparing for our local Down syndrome network's Christmas Party (on 11/22). I am making a display for the Angel Tree and special spotlight displays for 3 dear little girls - Maria, Nadja and a beautiful girl named Mila - hoping to raise some funds and maybe find some forever families!

And of course, my favorite thing to do is look at The Cutest Girl in the World (well, one of 2 - Macy's pretty cute too!) I think our amazing facilitator must know exactly when I need something to make me smile. ^_~ And oh does she make me smile! Ah, I cannot wait to kiss those cheeks!