Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Hehe please excuse my not-so-subtle political message below - I do not agree with him on ALL issues, but I am definitely an Obama Mama! I don't talk much politics on my blog because usually I'm pretty disinterested in the whole thing so I promise that will be my one and only! I hope EVERYONE gets out and votes today if you can, whether you're hoping for red or blue. :)

Matt took Cade and Parker with him to vote early this morning - their first glimpse of democracy in action! They thought it was pretty cool that we get to pick "who's in charge."

No news on the adoption front... yet. We may have some more information tomorrow so while you're jumping up and down in excitment or screaming at the TV tonight LOL, please spare a happy thought for Em. I am at the least hoping to have a more concrete idea of a timeframe for her paperwork, and hoping that timeframe still allows us to travel in '08!

And I think we can all agree - that face is one of the sweetest things ever! ^_^