Monday, November 03, 2008

more goodies! (updated)

The donation from Ark Therapeutics arrived today - they sent us 48 grabbers and tri-chews! :) They didn't say how many they would contribute so this was a pleasant surprise! Around $300 worth of products - we are so thankful!

Now, the next question... where on earth will we pack our clothes?? o_O The above suitcase is filled with donations and a few of my own great finds (like those 10 wonderful vibrating star teethers) and I think we're near the 50 lb limit.

I told Matt we'll just have to wear the clothes we're bringing to Serbia... ALL of them. Layer after layer.... hehehe just kidding, I'm sure we'll find some room! ^_^

(Edited later: Well, forget near the 50 lb limit... I dragged the suitcase out to the foyer and weighed it - 54 lbs! Translation: We're bringing another suitcase - we will now have 4 checked and 4 carry-ons!)