Tuesday, December 30, 2008

buckle your seatbelts!

Well, we have another date to hope for - Monday, February 2nd!

Everything still depends on Emerson's Center getting her paperwork completed in the next few weeks, but the powers that be are pushing very much for this to be done and our facilitator has asked for our appointment to be on Feb 2nd.

So, we are considering taking a leap of faith and buying the plane tickets (not too big a leap - we'll still book through Golden Rule so we can change them cheaply if needed LOL!) because Binghamton Airport is a ghost town on the weekends, we only have 2 flight options and chances are they will be booked if we wait until the last minute to buy. We might hold out until mid-January to see if things seem to be going well. We'll have to think about it.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers that everything comes together this time and we will be holding our little angel in 35 days!